Yokohama Fender

Yokohama Fender


Nylon rope is known for its elasticity and ability to absorb tremendous shock loads. This rope will not rot and is resistant to oil, gasoline and most chemicals. Along with having good abrasion resistance, nylon rope also has a good resistance to UV rays. Hence nylon ropes are used widely in the marine industry.

Packing Details

Floating pneumatic rubber fenders are known as Yokohama fenders or Yokohama-type pneumatic fenders. Floating pneumatic rubber fenders is made of the synthetic-cord-reinforced rubber sheet with compressed air inside to enable it to float on the water and work as a shock absorbed between two ships (ship-to-ship), or between ships and berthing structures when they come alongside each other on the water.  Yokohama type floating pneumatic rubber fenders are to be manufactured and tested to ISO 17357.

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