Self-sufficient type positive pressure air respirator 9L
Configuration: economic standard, OuBan comfortable model
Positive pressure air respirator features:
1. The lightest of similar products
2. Mask: spherical point, mask, double prevent mist, impact resistance, high temperature resistant
3. But with a variety of respirator product interchange
4. Streamlined backplane can make weight scattered to the waist
5. Pressure reducing valve: output
Positive pressure air respirator description:
Positive pressure air respirator RHZKF is a kind of isolation type breath protection equipment, for entering into oxygen, toxic or harmful gases environment the user with respiratory protection. Normal use, scuba mask the pressure inside the always slightly higher than the outside environment stress, can effectively prevent outside poisonous, harmful gas mask intrusive, ensure users within safe.
Positive pressure air respirator RHZKF can be widely used in fire fighting, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, ship, police, public security, etc.
Positive pressure air respirator standards comply with the GA124-2004 “formal pressure air respirator” standards
Positive pressure air respirator were China classification society (CCS) classification product certificate
Positive pressure air respirator gas cylinders can choose 3 liters 6.8 litres of 9 liters carbon fiber composite cylinder and 6 litres cylinder (Marine) configurations.
Positive pressure air respirator design can choose economic standard and OuBan comfortable model configuration

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