Inflatable Lifejackets

Inflatable Lifejackets


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Inflatable life jackets are the one of the most critical safety equipment onboard. It is worn by all crew members operating on the deck or areas where there is a chance of falling aboard. It consists of an inflatable bladder packed in a valise and operated by compressed CO2 gas in form of canisters.

Upon contact with water the cartridges are punctured by the water sensors and the chambers are filled with pressurized gas. The Inflatable Life jacket also has a whistle and oral tube to top-up air in case of low pressure.

It can be additionally fitted with an automatic lifejacket light, a crotch strap, etc. It comes in 03 buoyancies 150N, 275N, and 330N. There are single chamber and double chamber types depending on the criticality of application and workwear of the user.

The various types are Life Jacket for Adults, Life Jacket for Kids, Lifejacket for Infants, Life Jacket for Dogs, Life Jacket for Jet Ski, Life Jacket for Swimming

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