Immersion Suit

Immersion Suit


Immersion suit or Survival Suit is a personnel protective suit that reduces the heat loss from a person’s body when in touch with cold water during an MOB incident or a life-saving operation. For a crew member who is exposed to extremely low sea water temperature close to freezing point 0°C, hypothermia can set in minutes and fatality may occur in 15 – 45-minute duration. 

Immersion suits help prevent crewmembers from death due to exposure and hypothermia. Immersion suits cover the full body except for the face are. They are made of highly insulating waterproof material.

Immersion suits are intended primarily to ensure thermal protection in the cases where it is impossible to embark a fully enclosed lifeboat. Immersion suits should not be worn when boarding fully enclosed lifeboat or on normal temperature environments as it may cause increased body heat leading to heat strokes and dehydration.

Packing Details

HS Code –

Weight: 30g

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