Gangway Ladder

Gangway Ladder

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Gangway Ladder – Aluminium Alloy Wharf Ladders IMPA 232076

Gangway Ladders or otherwise known as Wharf ladders are made of Aluminium Alloy for Sea water induced corrosion resistance. They are used to access the ship from the Jetty while it is docked alongside. The ship end is kept in place using a gunwale hook at one end of the gangway and other end with rollers is kept on the jetty. The gangway is also used for ship-to-ship and ship-to-platform transfers.

The gangway surface is made of corrugated sheets providing maximum slip resistance. The gangways length usually starts from 3.0m to 15.0m. Higher length gangways are also made based on requirements. The width is usually 60cm sufficient for a single person to walk through. Handrail stanchions and hand ropes are provided for safety and hand support. Additionally, gangway nets are also installed to safeguard crew in case of any fall. 

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