Anchor Chains & Fittings

Anchor Chains & Fittings


There are basically two types of ship anchors: the stockless anchor and stock anchors. Chains consist of chain links which can be either stud-links or studless links. The chain accessories include shackles (anchor shackle, joining shackle, kenter joining shackle, swivel shackle, Ramfor connector, pear shackle, mooring shackle, swivel-forerunner, etc.) An anchor cable is an assembly of a number of individual units properly secured together. These units are connected to the anchor by means of a swivel piece made up of shackles, swivels, and special link. Each shot or shackle (=27.5 m) of chain is joined together with a detachable link.

Anchor chains comes in two grades, Grade-2 and Grade-3.

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