Alcohol Detectors and Sensors

Alcohol Detectors and Sensors

ALCOSCAN AL7000 Breathalyzer

The AlcoDigital AL7000 breathalyzer is the most accurate semi-conductor device in our range of personal digital breathalysers. It has a replaceable swap & go sensor, therefore does not require sending away for calibration. Simply purchase a new sensor and change it over yourself every 12 months – just like a battery. The AlcoDigital AL7000 sensor measures alcohol in milligrams per litre (mg/L) of breath and provides measurements up to 2.00mg/L. The Al7000 is also the only semi-conductor breathalyser to come with a hard case and in car power supply.

Easy to use

The AL7000 breathalyzer has a very simple, one button operation. With one press, the breathalyzer switches on and warms up ready for your test.  While it warms up you can insert one of your reusable mouthpieces, one of which you can keep safe in the battery compartment of the unit.  When the AL7000 is ready test it will display the word ‘ blow’ on the screen. Blow a deep and steady breath through the mouthpiece, into the AL7000.While breathing into the breathalyser a long beep noise will sound. When you hear two beeps the full sample has been taken and you can stop blowing and await your result. The result is displayed within seconds on the LED screen in mg/L.

Swap & Go Semi Conductor Sensor

Nobody likes having to send their breathalyzer in for calibration every 12 months – but how else could you continue to trust the accuracy of your breathalyser? With our Swap & Go range of personal digital breathalysers, you can have that confidence without having to send it away to have it calibrated.  The AL7000’s replaceable sensor should remain accurate for 12 months (or 300 tests), you can then purchase a brand new sensor and replace it yourself – just like a battery.


 CE approval

 FDA approval

 RoHS Compliant

 DOT Alcohol Screening Device


The AlcoDigital AL7000 breathalyzer comes with 5 mouthpieces. They are all re-usable so you shouldn’t need to purchase any more in the future.  There is even a little compartment in the back of the breathalyser to store a mouthpiece so you don’t forget to take one out with you.  You can store the rest in the hard case provided.

In Car Power Supply

The AL7000 also comes with an in car power supply, so that when you are on-the-go you don’t need to worry about batteries.

Additional Features

  • Test counter
  • Batteries included
  • Auto power off
  • Hard storage case
  • In car power supply

Packing Details

HS Code –

Weight: Technical documents download link

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