Hand flare – IMPA 330314

A hand flare is a small cylindrical stick which when activated, produces an intense red smoke or light without an explosion. Should be held out leeward when activated. Can be used by the day as well as night.

Rocket parachute flare – IMPA 330311

As the name suggests, the equipment is designed to fire a single red star to a height of approximately 300m; this flare, launched at the minimum height of 300m in the air, self-activates to produce intense red smoke. A parachute opens up and reduces the rate of descent which gives more time to the flare to remain at a height and to provide a clear view to nearby ships or help.

Buoyant smoke signals – IMPA 330331

This pyro tech equipment is held in a compact container with a buoyant nature so that it can float on the water surface to signal distress situation. Mostly for use by the day, this can indicate the position of distress with the bright orange smoke  as well as for determining the wind direction for rescue

Line Throwing Appliances – IMPA 330301

A line throwing appliance is not a distress signalling equipment but is counteracting equipment in distress situations. It is used so that a connection is made in terms of a strong line between the distressed ship and the safe ship (to create a bridge) to pass on towing lines or another kind of help.

Man Overboard Smoke & Light Signal (MOB – Light & Smoke) – IMPA 330321

MOB Light & Smoke signals are day and night signal attached to 4.3 kg lifebuoys and used in an emergency to mark position of a man overboard. It emits dense orange smoke and emits 2 candela light for over 2 hours.

Ships Bridge Distress Kit – IMPA 330337

Rocket Parachute Flares (12 nos)
12 litre poly bottle

Lifeboat Distress Kit – IMPA 330336

Hand Flares (06 nos)
Rocket Parachute Flares (04 nos)
Buoyant smoke signal (02 nos)
12 litre poly bottle

Liferaft Pyrotechnics requirement – IMPA 330336

Hand Flares (06 nos)
Rocket Parachute Flares (04 nos)
Buoyant smoke signal (02 nos)

Pyrotechnics maintenance and disposal

  • All pyrotechnics must be kept in safe storage with the cases properly shut. This is especially important after safety brief to the personnel on board with regard to pyrotechnics usage
  • Keep flares away from fuel or combustibles and store in an accessible dry place
  • Carry out maintenance work (cleaning, expiry date check etc) weekly as well as monthly as per the LSA maintenance schedule of the ship as instructed under the company’s ISM requirements
  • In case of expiry of the pyrotechnics out at sea, hold on to them for disposal to an authorized entity once in port. Do not throw them out at sea or use them after expiry; being a product that produces an exothermic, usage after expiry can be risky

Packing Details

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