3F-5-Fire Coupling & Nozzles-2
3F-5-Fire Coupling & Nozzles
3F-5-Fire Coupling & Nozzles-4
3F-5-Fire Coupling & Nozzles-3

Fire hose couplings are used to quickly connect and disconnect hoses during water delivery applications. They are available in a range of options including BS 336 instantaneous, which are primarily used by the British fire brigade as the standard low pressure fire fitting, Storz couplings, which have two identical locking heads and are employed throughout Europe, and Barcelona fittings, which are primarily utilized in Spain.

One of most popular fire hose couplings are BS 336 instantaneous that are available in either aluminum or gunmetal. They can be easily connected to our range of dividing breechings, hydrant valves, nozzles, and standpipes (which all have a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar or 232 psi).

Types of Brass Couplings

  1. Nakajima
  2. Storz
  3. John Morris
  4. Barcelona
  5. NST
  6. Instantaneous
  7. GOST

Fire Hose Nozzles

Fire hose nozzles come in Brass, Aluminium and fibre material and are of mainly 03 types mentioned below. They have connections such as Nakajima, Storz, John Morris etc. in male or female threads to attach to the couplings.

  1. Fire Nozzles
  2. Jet & Spray Nozzle
  3. 3-Position Nozzle

Packing Details

HS Code –


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