1. Customer Service – DJK Marine brings in-depth understanding of your requirements and expectations. We articulate a 360° customer-centric approach, enabled by highly experienced employees with specialized domain knowledge. Customer happiness is the core objective at DJK Marine.
  2. Quality & Reliability – DJK Marine considers product quality and reliability as a matter of life or death at sea. Quality is maintained at all stages right form manufacturing and sourcing to packaging and delivery. Assuring consistent quality and reliable delivery is a culture, not an objective at DJK Marine.
  3. Social Enterprise – DJK Marine believes that the primary objective of any business organization is to help solve human problems and make our lives better. With this core purpose in mind DJK Marine strives to contribute positively to the communities we operate in, our employees, partners, and all other stakeholders.
  4. Optimal Pricing – DJK Marine believes right product pricing is a key enabler for our clients to choose the right products. Our pricing structure does not compromise on quality or technical specifications. We achieve it through optimization of key cost drivers such as designing, manufacturing, sourcing, storage, and delivery.

7. Filters

★ Cummins Filters.
★ Fleet guard Filters.
★ Caterpillar Filters.
★ Perkins Filters.
★ Bristol Filters.
★ Sakura Filters.
★ Mann Filters.
★ Volvo Filters.

8. Electronic Appliances

★ Laptops & Desktops, Gaming accessories.
★ Television.
★ Speakers, Headphones, EarPods.
★ Air Conditioners.
★ Water Coolers.
★ Ice Making Machine.
★ Multipurpose Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner
and Pressure washers.
★ Refrigerator, Dishwashers, Washing Machines
and other Kitchen Electrical Appliances.