Basket Stretcher

Basket Stretcher

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Basket Stretcher – IMPA 391391

Basket stretchers are used to lift and carry casualties from accident site to a rescue vehicle such as an ambulance or a helicopter. The stretcher is made in shape of a small basket in to which the person can be laid safety and strapped using the belts provided to prevent movement or falls.

Basket stretcher can be carried by 02 or 04 rescue personnel using the slits provided on either sides. The construction is usually high-density polyethylene with an aluminium or composite frame for strength. Some models come with a removable mattress with Velcro attachments for removal and washing. The most common colour is safety orange and yellow. Additional attachment including a 4-leg webbing sling with SS carabineers and straps on each leg ends to connect to the stretcher and a master link on top for lifting purpose.

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